MCWLMarine Corps Warfighting Laboratory
MCWLMerry Christmas with Love (song)
MCWLMissouri Clean Water Law
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Through the Joint Ground Robotics Enterprise Robotics Technology Consortium, Oshkosh Defense and the National Robotics Engineering Center worked closely with MCWL and the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division to develop and integrate the TerraMax UGV technology for the Cargo UGV project.
To develop and test Combat Hunter, MCWL assembled what was described as "a carefully selected combination of world-renowned big-game hunters, dangerous-game guides, man trackers, experienced police detectives, seasoned infantry trainers from the Marine ranks and human performance engineers.
According to MCWL, Marines who participated in Combat Hunter tests were taught how to "distinguish what is here that should not be here and what should be here that is not, better assess situations and be proactive rather than reactive to an immediate threat and use something as simple as binoculars to dramatically improve situational awareness and threat assessment.
The following quotes are from the UW Conceptual Experimental Framework (a document that has since been removed from the MCWL website).
The MCWL was established in 1995 with the mandate to develop the future vision and map the future capabilities for the Marine Corps as an integral part of the combat development process.
The 50GHz MCWL is part of a product series that also includes 100GHz and 25GHz units, as well as non-standard units customized to individual user specification.
Validation of reliability provided by Telcordia certification combined with our product's unparalleled performance will give network architects the confidence to include our 50GHz MCWL in current systems and to design it into future systems.