MCWMMilwaukee County War Memorial (Milwaukee, WI)
MCWMMissouri Civil War Museum (St. Louis, MO)
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MCWM enjoys a waste service management contract with the Clark Development Corp.
Recently, the DENR's Manila Bay Coordinating Office threatened the MCWM with closure on a number of minor technical issues ndash all of them suitably addressed.
The abrupt closure of MCWM will send the trash from Clark and 190 other municipalities to unsafe dumping sites.
MCWM operates the Clark Integrated Waste Management Facility within the Clark Freeport Zone.
For MCWM, building a waste-to-energy plant is one of the solutions that can partly solve the country's worsening garbage problems.
MCWM Director for Technical Services Holger Holst said Philippine population has been growing at a rapid pace.
MCWM currently owns a world-class sanitary landfill within the Clark Special Economic Zone, some 80 kilometers north of Manila.
In a recent interview with The STAR, MCWM president and CEO Rufo Colayco said the company collects and accepts an average of 1,600 tons of garbage daily.
Thus, he said MCWM hopes to expand its reach and be able to cover the whole region in terms of collected volume of daily garbage.
At present, MCWM collects and manages the waste of 90 cities and municipalities in Central Luzon.
Incorporated in 2002, MCWM offers and develops sustainable solutions to reduce the impact of urban development and energy production projects in the Philippines.