MCWSMemory Care and Wellness Services (Washington)
MCWSMarine Cold Weather Survival
MCWSMagnetically Confined Wind Shock (physics)
MCWSMean Coincident Wind Speed
MCWSMains Cold Water Service
MCWSModerator Circulating Water System
MCWSMain Cable Way Summary
MCWSMarker-Controlled Watershed Segmentation
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These were recorded during the Tamaraw Expedition held from June 16 to 21 led by the Tamaraw Conservation Program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, together with the MCWS Protected Area Office, DENR Occidental Mindoro, MBCFI and D'Aboville Foundation.
'The CHR as Gender Ombud reminds the PNP of the unequivocal provisions of the MCW (Magna Carta of Women) on the incremental increase in the hiring women police officers tasked to address violence against women (VAW),' De Guia said in a statement.
Citing Section 9(a) of MCW, CHR insisted that the PNP, together with other allied services, is mandated to increase women recruits to reach 50 percent five years from the passage of MCW.
Section 9(a), Chapter IV of the MCW reads: 'Within the next five (5) years, there shall be an incremental increase in the recruitment and training of women in the police force, forensics and medico-legal, legal services, and social work services availed of by women who are victims of gender-related offenses until fifty percent (50%) of the personnel thereof shall be women.'