MCWTMichigan Council of Women in Technology
MCWTMilton Community Woodland Trust (UK)
MCWTMichigan-Claremont-Westminster Text (morphology)
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Here are a few examples of MCWT programs that have helped make a significant regional impact over the past decade thanks to fun community events such as MCWT's Annual Golf Classic:
* Supporting 460 high school students in MCWT's after-school GET-IT program
* Teaching web design skills to 816 girls competing in the MCWT Website Design Competition
"As globalization and changing business demands affect the local economy, the advancement of a diverse IT profession through educational programs, research projects, student interest groups, robotics teams, and other forms of charitable outreach is more important than ever," said MCWT Vice President Carey Pachla.
STRONG PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: MCWT manages one of the largest SRF programs in the nation.
MCWT provides subsidized financial assistance to local governments and other eligible borrowers in the commonwealth under its SRF programs.
In light of this feature, Fitch combines all of MCWT's SRF programs in its cash flow model analysis.
MCWT's pool program PASR is 1.5x, which is below Fitch's 2017 'AAA' median level of 1.9x but still considered sound.
Fitch's concern with MCWT's high single-borrower concentration is somewhat mitigated by the high rating of MWRA.
Enhancement (or overcollateralization) provided by such direct loans typically ranges from 33% to 50% of the MCWT supported bonds.