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MCYSMinistry of Children and Youth Services (Ontario, Canada)
MCYSMontgomery County Youth Services (Conroe, TX)
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Indeed, 17 percent of households in Singapore employ an FDW to help with a dependent elder, and 49 percent of those with an ADL-limited elder in need of human assistance employ an FDW (MCYS SIHLS 2009).
In addition to a base-case scenario in which no new options are developed (no policy change), the following policy scenarios were simulated: (1) an instantaneous increase in the attractiveness of HCBS from 20 to 40 percent (double HCBS attractiveness) in 2013, (2) an increase the number of nursing home beds from 9,300 at present to 14,700 by the year 2020 and to 22,400 by 2030 (planned nursing home capacity) as suggested by the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Health-care for the Elderly (MCYS 1999), (3) an instantaneous increase in the proportion of families with an FDW assisting with eldercare from 49 to 98 percent in 2013 (double proportion of families with FDWs), and (4) a simultaneous implementation of policies 1, 2, and 3 (combined policies).
The Social Isolation, Health and Lifestyles Survey (SIHLS), a nationally representative survey of 5,000 community-dwelling elderly Singaporeans aged 60 years and older, was conducted in 2009 by the MCYS. Details about the survey and its sampling methodology can be found elsewhere (Malhotra et al.
The Singapore Survey on Informal Caregiving (SSIC), conducted between 2010 and 2011 by the MCYS, is a national survey of 1,190 community-dwelling care recipients (Singaporeans aged 75 years or older receiving human assistance for at least one ADL limitation), and their primary informal caregiver (a family member or friend but not an FDW) most involved in providing care or ensuring the provision of care to the care recipient.
Best Start a provincial strategy for integrating services for children from birth through school age, provided the platform for communities to develop unique strategies for integrating community level services for children and their families (MCYS, 2005).
This study was funded by a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS).
A microcistina e uma hepatotoxina sintetizada por um grupo de dez genes denominados de genes da microcistina sintetase ou mcy (A-J), com 55.000 pares de bases (pb).
A presenca de gene mcy tambem foi evidenciada em R.
Varios estudos anteriores demonstraram existir forte correlacao entre a presenca dos genes mcy e a producao de microcistina (BAKER et al., 2002; BOARU et al., 2006; EL HERRY et al., 2008; HISBERGUES et al., 2003; VIA-ORDORIKA et al., 2004).
MCYS has launched, in cooperation with local NGOs, a public awareness campaign aimed at stopping child sex tourism.
This seems to have been borne out in the MCYS survey of baby boomers that shows that just 36 per cent of them wished to work part-time.