MCZMomoiro Clover Z (Japanese female group)
MCZMuseum of Comparative Zoology (Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
MCZMarine Conservation Zone (UK)
MCZMiedziowe Centrum Zdrowia (Polish: Copper Health Center; Poland)
MCZMystic Cave Zone (Sonic 2 level)
MCZMySpace Content Zone (software product)
MCZManagement Consulting Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)
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More than 280 species of marine plants use the MCZ, including the protected black seabream which migrates to Kingmere every spring to spawn.
A prohibition on all dredging in the MCZ is on the table, but the consultation will also seek opinions on whether the ban should extend the length of the NIFCA district (from the River Tyne up to the Scottish Border) out to three miles or across the entire district, which extends six nautical miles out to sea.
At the April meeting, it was set out that a full closure to mobile gear of a section of subtidal mud in the north-east section of the MCZ was likely to be the way forward.
Voucher specimens for this project are deposited in the MCZ, the University of Arizona Insect Collection (UAIC), and the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris (MNHN) as indicated in Table 1.
mercenaria individuals were found at one site: Island Beach, which is within the Sedge Island MCZ (Table 1).
La MCZ surte al cauce principal del rio Guayas que desemboca en el oceano Pacifico, mientras que las MCJ y MCP surten el cauce principal de la cuenca Santiago, que desemboca en los afluentes del rio Amazonas.
At the moment the only MCZ in Wales is on Skomer as marine conservation in the Welsh inshore is devolved to the Welsh Government.
His photos and videos, forming part of a Newcastle University research project, helped support the MCZ case, bolstered by the likes of the Wildlife Trust.
The holotype of Megapezia longipes was originally housed at Brown University (Willard and Cleaves 1930), but it is now at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University, where it bears specimen number MCZ 140.
Mark said: "Naming the specimen in honour of the late Professor Ernst Mayr seemed a logical conclusion because had it not been for his award I would never have been at the MCZ in the first place."
Lyons G, Gondwe C, Banuelos G, Mendoza MCZ, Haug A, Christophersen OA 2014.