MCZMomoiro Clover Z (Japanese female group)
MCZMuseum of Comparative Zoology (Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
MCZMarine Conservation Zone (UK)
MCZMiedziowe Centrum Zdrowia (Polish: Copper Health Center; Poland)
MCZMystic Cave Zone (Sonic 2 level)
MCZMySpace Content Zone (software product)
MCZManagement Consulting Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)
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He welcomes the news that two areas - Farnes East, about 11km off Berwickshire coast, and the stretch from Coquet Island down to St Mary's Island - have been designated as MCZs.
REMARKS: The two tracks on MCZ 140 are here interpreted as having been made by a manus and pes.
A total of 37 sites had been proposed to go forward to a second public consultation on MCZs, all identi-fied by Government scientific advisers as vital to plugging "major gaps" that currently exist in the development of a UK network.
The objective of the present study is to enhance the dissolution rate of MCZ by sublimation method with the aid of superdisintegrants.
Charlotte Harris, trust chief executive, said: "Whilst we welcome this first tranche of MCZs, it represents just one in five of the overall list of 127 sites that we would like to see recognised, not least including Hilbre Island here in the North West.
We believe MCZs will allow our seas to recover their health and sustain our marine species and seabed types for the benefit of everyone.
Chickering, MCZ 68243, PBIU_OON 27164), 1[female]; Little Lameshur Bay, May 29, 1979, litter along wall of mill ruins (W.
Wetterer, MCZ): Montego Bay MCZ = Museum of Comparative Zoology.
Table I showed highly significant differences between MCZ and CWZ fields.
You can share your knowledge of the MCZ Project on-line with their Interactive Map (www.
Paratypes: SRI LANKA: Central Province: 4 [male](1 dissected for genitalia, 1 used for DNA extraction), 3 [female], same collecting data as holotype (MCZ 78876, ex MCZ DNA101227); 2 [male], 1 [female] same collecting data as holotype (MCZ 78877, 78878, 78879, mounted on SEM stubs); 1 [male], 1 [female], same collecting data as holotype (MUP, ex MCZ DNA101227); 1 [female], Peradeniya Botanical Gardens (7[degrees]16'21"N, 80[degrees]35'36"E), 17 June 2004, S.