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MD2Message Digest 2 -- one way hash function
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'I had seen the potential of exporting frozen whole durians, besides in pulp and paste forms (to China) and MD2 pineapples to China and the Middle East.
La pina MD2, tambien llamada amarilla o dorada por su color, corresponde a una fruta grande, uniforme y fibrosa, con resistencia al oscurecimiento interno, muy dulce y jugosa, por lo que es comercializable [26].
Express MD2 was a small communication satellite, made by the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Centre, for the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC).
It should be noted that MD1 and MD2 provided between 1 and 2 W / g of sample in a maximum of 2 min.
These cells were stably transfected with TLR4 together with MD2 and CD 14, the two accessory molecules that are required for TLR4 activation by LPS (Shimazu et al, 1999; Frey et al., 1992).
ZTE Corporation, a global provider of telecomms equipment and network solutions based in China, has been selected by 3 Italia, a mobile media company which is part of the Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, to produce MD2 and MD3 video handsets adopting design from MOMODESIGN, an Italian design centre.
MD1 and MD2 are 100% active, low viscosity liquids with low HLBs ([less than or equal to] 4) and no solvents.
'For example the MD2 pineapple, there is high demand for the fruit in China, the Middle East, Japan and Korea.
Russia launched a Proton rocket with Briz-M booster carrying the Telkom-3 and the Express MD2 satellites at 11.31 p.m.
It meets the MD2 low profile PCI bus specification, and it can be installed in any 3.3V or 5V PCI or PCI-X slot.
Contract award notice: Work of the faculty of health sciences, Phase 2.1, Modules md2 and mi2 (structure) (spain-castelln de la plana: Construction work for buildings related to education and research)
The cards meet the MD2 low profile PCI bus specification and can be used in applications where space is at a premium.