MD80McDonnell Douglas 80 (airliner)
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Me: "Follow MD80 to five, One Four One Whiskey Bravo."
8 displays such feature vector from simulated MD80 and B757-200 aircrafts from Radarsat-2.
Allegiant operates a fleet of 37 MD80 series jetliners, most of them with space for 150 passengers each.
In 2005, Lion Air had 24 aircraft including 19 units of MD80 and 5 units of DHC-8-301.
The service will be operated in direct competition to British Airways and will be served by a MD80 aircraft.
His British Midland Boeing 737 was taking off from Rome's Leonardo Da Vinci airport as an Italian MD80 airliner with164 passengers descended.
The new venture, "EADS Sogerma Tunisie", will maintain Boeing MD80 and Airbus A320 aircraft and provide engineering and logistical services meeting the JAR145 European standard.
NGT-50 tractor is designed for category I towing applications, covering aircraft ranging from the Boeing 737/DC-9 and McDonnell Douglas MD80 class through the Boeing 767.
For example, if a relatively large amount of fuel is left on board a McDonnell Douglas MD80 aircraft, the fuel can come in contact with the wing's upper skin.
Planes such as the 757, 767, MD80, MD11 and the newer model of the 737 and 747 use this design.
After training as a commercial airline pilot in Graz, he began his career as a Co-pilot on the MD80. Capt.
The Judge in charge of the legal investigation into the Spanair MD80 accident, Javier Prez, has concluded that all charges against Spanair's management should be dropped and only two maintenance engineers should face charges on 154 counts of involuntary manslaughter and 18 counts of negligence.