MDAAMissile Defense Advocacy Alliance
MDAAMassachusetts District Attorneys Association
MDAAMinnesota Darkhouse and Angling Association (est. 1986)
MDAAMutual Defense Assistance Act
MDAAMinnesota Dental Assistants Association
MDAAMason Dixon Auto Auction (Greencastle, PA)
MDAAMisuse of Drugs Amendment Act (New Zealand)
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Beginning in 1989, MDAA members began to focus on helping to establish expanded functions for dental assistants.
Diseno Arquitectonico Mobiliario Avanzado (MDAA) 2.
MDAA peppers members of Congress with policy memos, organizes US defense contractor employees to call upon Congress to support MD development, and uses its energetic website to offer a wide display of MD promotions.
Greenert and Riki Ellison, MDAA chairman and founder, jointly presented the award to Walker and praised him for his leadership, effort and sacrifice.
In other cases, such as that of the Kokang Chinese MDAA, Yangon's armed forces are stationed within drug army territories but make no apparent effort to interfere with the commercial activities of the local drug armies.
Contract notice: Realization Scenographie Egypt Exhibition At Mdaa.
The MDAA annual session, planned for April 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Lansing, Michigan, will feature Lois Banta on April 26, hosted by Barb Gurnee, and Kevin Henry on April 27, hosted by Lori Barnhart, Kim Hoppes, Karen Minca, and Gwen Graham-Feldkamp.
Maryland Dental Assistants Association President Vernestine Maye, CDA, reports the MDAA held a meeting to discuss the state's revised bylaws.
Accounts Billions $ Army 11,026 10,856 11,835 Navy 18,734 16,912 17,655 Air Force 21,671 24,397 24,457 Defense Agencies 19,555 20,810 21,208 (DARPA) (2,979) (3,294) (3,327) (MDAa) (7,682) (9,310) (8,955) Dir.
Roberts, EFDA, MDAA, CDA-Emeritus, COA-Emeritus, CDPMA-Emeritus, CPFDA-Emeritus; 1 st District Trustee Mary LaChappelle, CDA, RDA, RYT; 3rd District Trustee Fatima Oglesby-Morris, DA, RDH; 4th District Trustee Kristy Eddleman, CDA; 8th District Trustee Darlene Mundt, CDA, BS; 11th District Trustee Pro Tern Linette Schmitt, LDA, CDA, MADAA; and Student Trustee Colleen Moonen, BA.
The Michigan Dental Assistants Association (MDAA) president is Deborah Jaruzel and Gretchen Bogner is president of the Illinois association.
Educators feel that Michigan should mandate that all dental assisting programs be CODA-approved (proprietary schools are becoming a problem), link all RDA programs to MDAA web site, find more opportunities to speak to high school students, and encourage dental offices to recommend dental assisting as a career option to some of their own patients.