MDAHMississippi Department of Archives and History (Jackson, Mississippi)
MDAHMinnesota Dads At Home (non-profit organization for at-home dads)
MDAHM.D. Anderson Hospital
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Prediction: threats of stiff penalties from the MDAH to follow.
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5) The MDAH holds 85 pages of notes for and scenes of a collaborated screenplay, and another 62-page draft of the screenplay, composed in 1948-1949, with John writing in San Francisco and Eudora in Jackson.
24) MDAH houses one of John's parodies of Faulkner, written and given as a present for Eudora on her birthday.
Louisa Henry to Louisa Clark Boddie, April 28, 1862, Boddie Family Papers, Folder 1, MDAH (emphasis in original).
9, 1862, Crotchet-Shannon Papers, Box 5, Folder 53, MDAH.
In 2011, the Department of Marine Resources (DMR) officially acquired the property for the State of Mississippi, and MDAH procured the funding for and managed the intense restoration that soon followed.