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MDAIModeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence (conference)
MDAIManitoba Darts Association, Inc. (Canada)
MDAIMuscular Dystrophy Association of India
MDAIMarking Devices Association International
MDAIModerate Diffuse Axonal Injury (brain injury)
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fn turn, only IL13 and GM-CSF displayed a positive association with MDAI (Table 1).
For example, when MDAI (methylenedioxy-2aminoindane) known as Sparkle (a granular, brownish powder) is snorted or bombed, it has an effect similar to ecstasy causing mood enhancement and hallucinations.
La Rocca, 'La nuova imagine dei fori Imperiali: appunti in margine agli scavi', MDAI 108 (2001) 171-213 provides the most recent evidence from the site.
Mucosal appearance could only be assessed at the time of sigmoidoscopy, so the researchers also used a modified disease activity index (mDAI) that excluded mucosal appearance and ranged from 0 to 9 points.
In Astana regular enlarged session of Scientific and Technical Council (STC) of the Ministry of Defense and aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MDAI of RK) was held under the chairmanship of Minister Beibut Atamkulov.
Other new drugs are understood to include DMAA, MDAI and 2DPMP - all of which are sold online as research chemicals, but are promoted by many as an alternative to cocaine.
MDAI was developed as an anti-depressant in America and replicates the effects of ecstasy.
Since theMephedrone ban, brought in last weekend, alternatives have already started to flood the market - sub coca dragon, likened to cocaine; naphyrone, a stimulant also known as NRG-1; and anti-depressant MDAI.
AUGUST 15-16 Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence (MDAI 2007).
Naphyrone, sold as NRG1, is the latest to be banned and MDAI, a synthetic chemical, is expected to be next.
The aim of the Modeling Decision for Artificial Intelligence (MDAI 2006) conference was the integration of decision models and information-fusion tools (aggregation operators) in AI applications.