mDAPMeso-Diaminopimelic Acid (bacteriology)
mDAPMajor Defense Acquisition Program (US DoD)
mDAPMutual Defense Assistance Program
mDAPMysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program (Witches Collective)
mDAPMental Disability Advocacy Program
mDAPMulti Directory Access Protocol (multicast request)
mDAPMean Distal Aortic Pressure
mDAPMultiple-Direction Amplitude Panning (electronics)
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The programs identified as MDAP in our database tend to suggest that this explanatory variable will lead to cost growth and schedule slippage greater than or equal to 15 percent.
5) One side covers the matters of cost composition; the Future Year Defense Plan; the Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution integration and reviews; and requirements by MDAP.
In addition to his duties as the Deputy, he is directly responsible for the financial management of the Joint and Allied Threat Awareness System (JATAS/AAR-59) and the Common Infrared Countermeasures (CIRCM) System, two MDAP programs, with a combined total obligation authority (TOA) in excess of $4.
GAO is making 11 recommendations intended to strengthen actions DOD has taken to begin improving its ability to identify, aggregate, and account for the cost of military equipment acquired through MDAPs.
visibility into MDAP cost growth and improve the reliability of the data
The material-class planning approach discussed in the first section allowed KLA-Tencor to move onto the curve (action 1 in the exhibit) and begin moving in the direction of improved service (action 2 in the exhibit), but it was clear that a more sophisticated science based approach was necessary to help us pinpoint the sweet spot where inventory costs would be well-balanced without either underserving or overserving customers and in-line with the MDAP goal of less than 1 percent.
was somewhat reluctant to provide such aid to France because "the North African nationalists tend to associate the United States with the painful repressions imposed upon them by these troops," and because both the defence and state departments "are seeking to prevent the use of this equipment for such purposes and to urge the return of MDAP [Mutual Defense Assistance Program] equipped forces to the European theater.
The big MDAP programs are where the largest amounts of money are, and thus the opportunities for savings, but there are some real big drivers in O&M as well.
To address the challenges of reducing future MDAP execution problems, Congress might consider the following options:
Had he availed himself of that reference, he would have observed that none-other than General "Hap" Arnold had made a command decision at the end of the war, with a view towards his vision of a "Hemispheric Air Force," to select the P--47/F--47D series as the "aircraft of choice" with which to equip our hemispheric neighbors under the interim American Republic Projects (ARP) and, later, MDAP.
Government; IT = Information Technology; MDAP = Major Defense Acquisition Program; MAIS = Major Automated Information System; Mgmt.