MDARMassachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
MDARMalfunction Detection Analysis & Recording
MDARMobile Data Archive and Retrieval (EchoStorm Worldwide)
MDARMachine-Derived Authority Record (library catalogues)
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2007) reported the MDAR over expression in transgenic tobacco in response to salt and osmotic stress.
Unfortunately, MDAR staff wrote the nutrients regulations without any farmer input.
In recent public hearings, MDAR got the message to drop the bunker mentality and work collaboratively.
With the ability to track so many targets at once, then lay down fire, it's not hard to imagine MDARS being converted to some kind of battle-bot with an array of lethal weapons instead of pepper-ball guns.
Everett acknowledged that this could come to pass, although this version of MDARS would not be ready for that.
The MDARS is a semiautonomous mobile robotic platform with preprogrammable routes.
MDARS is designed to provide automated intrusion detection and inventory assessment on military bases and depots.
MDARS has three services participating--the Army, Navy and Air Force and is funded under the Defense Department physical security equipment action group.
The idea behind MDARS is to provide multiple platforms that perform random patrols within assigned areas on bases and warehouse.
MDARS has obstacle avoidance 360-degree sensors capable of detecting intruders at 150 meters.
MDARS weighs more than 2,900 pounds, has a 42-hp diesel engine and can travel up at 20 miles per hour.
One operator can manage as many as 10 MDARS vehicles from a three-screen control station that shows where each vehicle is on a map of the area.