MDARMassachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
MDARMalfunction Detection Analysis & Recording
MDARMobile Data Archive and Retrieval (EchoStorm Worldwide)
MDARMachine-Derived Authority Record (library catalogues)
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(2007) reported the MDAR over expression in transgenic tobacco in response to salt and osmotic stress.
Reduced status of antioxidants such as glutathione and ascorbic acid is maintained by glutathione reductase (GR), monodehydroascorbate reductase (MDAR) and dehydroascorbate reductase (DHAR), using NADPH as areducing agent (Apel and Hirt, 2004; Bhattacharjee, 2005; Gill andTuteja, 2010).
Unfortunately, MDAR staff wrote the nutrients regulations without any farmer input.
Some markets on the MDAR list have late June openings, while others have not posted this season's schedule.
The Massachusetts Diary Promotion Board, through the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources ( MDAR ), is requesting proposals from qualified applicants to update the 2010 Massachusetts Dairy Promotion Board Dairy Farm Impact Study, a copy of which is available through MDAR upon request.
Donovan and The Trust for Public Land to protect this landmark property for agricultural purposes," said Greg Watson, MDAR commissioner.
Although cold weather and rain initially caused strawberries to ripen slightly smaller than usual, MDAR reports the recent warm weather had reversed that trend and should ensure that berries have good flavor.
"This is still the case, and MDAR will take such steps to enforce violations as they become aware of them," according to the DAR.
Scientists and engineers from ECBC developed an unmanned aerial vehicle called Deep Purple and modified an unmanned ground vehicle known as the Mobile Detection Assessment and Response System (MDARS) for the event.
From leading the bathyscaphe Trieste's 1960 mission to the bottom of Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, to developing one of the earliest classes of undersea vehicles in the 1960s, the Cable-controlled Underwater Recovery Vehicle (CURV), and creating the Mobile Detection and Response System (MDARS) in 1989, one of the first developments in autonomous vehicles, the Center has played a leading role in the field since its early days.
The US Army awarded GDRS an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract in February 2008 with a total potential value of $ 40 million for production of the robotic Mobile Detection and Assessment and Response System (Mdars).