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MDATMicroscopic Diminishing Abrasive Technology (cleaning product; Meguiar)
MDATMalawi Development Assessment Tool
MDATMaximum Daily Average Temperature
MDATModification Date and Time
MDATMason Dixon Antique Trail (various locations)
MDATMood Disorders Association of Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
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The Malawi Developmental Assessment Tool (MDAT): The creation, validation, and reliability of a tool to assess child development in rural African settings.
gondii infection is in consistence with the reported prevalence of 24.1% using MDAT and 25.9% by ELISA in Nazareth, Ethiopia [18], and 27.9% in Thailand [26] and higher than 11.6% [16] and 15.48% [27] in Central Ethiopia.
To effectively and efficiently approach their assignment, the MDAT was given a set of objectives from the program leadership to which to align:
David Jackson of MDAT said when Lifeline gets its town centre base, the needle swopshop may still stay at the Fulcrum Practice.
The former is loaded in an mdat box, and the latter is loaded in a configuration box (e.g., hvc1 and lhv1) inside a trak box.
If there's an "mdat" string near the front of the file, it's probably not a fast start; if there's a "moov" string followed by an "mdat" string, it's probably fast start.
The actual frame data is located in mdat (media data box), as indicated in Fig.
A 'moof box contains information regarding media data and an 'mdat' box contains binary data regarding the actual media.