MDBAMurray-Darling Basin Authority (Australia)
MDBAMultiple Data Base Access
MDBAMaster Dog Breeders and Associates (Australia)
MDBAMaster Dog Breeders Academy (Australia)
MDBAMasters of Draghounds and Bloodhounds Association (UK)
MDBAMount Diablo Beekeepers Association (California)
MDBAMinnesota Deaf-Blind Association
MDBAMobilier Design et Beaux Arts
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The MDBA manages the system including dam maintenance, monitoring water quality, managing salinity and gathering river information.
Diminished connectivity between the Hattah Lakes and Murray River, together with the extraction of water for agriculture, industry and urban use, and severe drought over the last decade, have negatively affected vegetation communities of the Hattah Lakes ecosystem that depend on flooding (MDBA 2012).
Within the Basin itself, Agriculture, forestry and fishing businesses total over 65 000 entities, representing close to one-third of all businesses (MDBA, 2011).
Two experimental models, the DDA and the MDBA, were selected to evaluate the potential antimicrobial activity of plant extracts against E.
One of the first Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) information sessions held in Griffith NSW received a hostile public response.
(29.) Note that the Murray Darling Basin Commission is now the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) and we are unclear whether the MoU has 'carried through' to retain its relevance with regard to the MDBA.
Companies involved in a tender to map 5 per cent of the basin say the MDBA will not obtain the most accurate information of ground conditions along the Murray.
EADS is definitive of this trend, as its business units are important actors in all key market segments in which EADS has a presence--fixed wing military aircraft (Eurofighter), helicopters (Eurocopter), missiles (MDBA), and space (Astrium, Arianespace).
The SAMP/T, which uses the MDBA (Paris, France) Aster 30 missile, is to about enter service with the French and Italian armies, while MEADS will be fielded much later by the German and Italian air forces, as well as by the US.
Members committed to cooperating fully with the Inspector General to build trust and transparency in water management, noting the position will strengthen the MDBA's extensive compliance work program.
At least in the last two decades, the sustainability of the Basin's ecosystem (due to combined impacts of severe and prolonged drought and past water management decisions such as water over-allocation to irrigation (MDBA, 2010)) have brought to the forefront, the public policy debate on the competing demands for water for the environment/ecology and the economy.
Prolonged drought and inadequate management policies and practices over the past 60 years have resulted in dangerously low water levels associated with high salinity levels in the system, which threaten to cause ecological collapse (Eccleston 2008; MDBA 2008, 2009a).