MDBAMurray-Darling Basin Authority (Australia)
MDBAMaster Dog Breeders Academy (Australia)
MDBAMasters of Draghounds and Bloodhounds Association (UK)
MDBAMount Diablo Beekeepers Association (California)
MDBAMinnesota Deaf-Blind Association
MDBAMobilier Design et Beaux Arts
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The delivery of environmental water is seen as an important factor in the maintenance and improvement of ecosystem health and biodiversity values (DSE 2003; MDBA 2012).
The MDBA showed that only three out of 25 extracts (1257, 1493 and 1765) were effective against the assayed bacteria (Figure 1).
A recent economic study by the MDBA shows that the economic benefits of returning the region to good health are large.
NearMap chief executive Stuart Nixon said his company could map the whole basin for tens of millions of dollars less than Intermap, but the MDBA had ignored repeated offers to present the technology.
The project is governed by a steering committee with representation from Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN), Northern Basin Aboriginal Nations (NBAN), the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), MDBA and two internationally recognised academics in meteorological and cross cultural sciences.
Recognising these interdependencies in the MDB, it is worth noting that the MDBA has invested a considerable amount of time analysing the potential ecological and socio-economic impacts of water policy reform under a number of Basin Plan modelling scenarios.
Prolonged drought and inadequate management policies and practices over the past 60 years have resulted in dangerously low water levels associated with high salinity levels in the system, which threaten to cause ecological collapse (Eccleston 2008; MDBA 2008, 2009a).
Sampling of irrigation tail-water channels in sodic, gypseous Grey Vertosols in southwestern Queensland has identified deposits of apparent monosulfides under organic debris (Biggs and King 2008; MDBA 2011).
MDBA head of river operations, Andrew Reynolds, said lowering the rate at which water was released had been agreed by the MDBA, the Victorian, South Australian and NSW governments and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder.
MDBA Executive Director Environmental Management, Carl Binning, said the delivery of environmental water across the Basin, especially when used to extend the time that water stays in wetlands following natural events, was helping maintain some populations.
MDBA Chief Executive Phillip Glyde said the meetings aimed to improve public awareness and understanding of the Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Mechanism.