MDBCMurray-Darling Basin Commission
MDBCMalaysian Dutch Business Council
MDBCMarbella Dutch Business Club (Netherlands)
MDBCMinimum Directly Bactericidal Concentration
MDBCMetrolina Duplicate Bridge Club (Charlotte, NC)
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MDBC (Murray-Darling Basin Commission) 2006 The Lower Lakes, Coorong and Murray Mouth Icon Site Environmental Management Plan 2006-2007, MDBC, Canberra.
Most of the early buying and selling of water entitlements has occurred within states, but the MDBC is now piloting a program in the southern portion of the basin to allow permanent water trades across state boundaries.
23) The MDBC has announced that it is prepared to buy water from willing sellers and has set up a mechanism for entitlement holders to express their interest in doing so.
19) Murray-Darling Basin Commission (MDBC), Annual Report 2003-04 (Canberra: MDBC, 2004).
The Salinity Audit -- A 100 year perspective, 1999", MDBC.
In a 1999 review of the program undertaken for the MDBC (Cox Innall Communications, 1999), several recommendations focused explicitly on the need to extend the program's conceptions of literacy to encompass a broader approach to building and communicating knowledge about the environment.
2005 MDBC International River Health Conference Mildura, Victoria, 16-19 October.
This goal was optimistically envisioned in the large-scale environmental communications strategy developed by the MDBC in the late 1980s.
1) LWRRDC, Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation; CRDC, Cotton Research and Development Corporation; MDBC, Murray-Darling Basin Commission.
70 of MDBC in Block Md Bazar PS Md Bazar Dist Birbhum under Branch Canals Section under Md Bazar (I) Sub Divn.
A Carp Control Coordination Group, managed through the MDBC, has developed a National Management Strategy for Carp Control, a strategic research plan and a Guide for Carp Management Groups.
Partner in the project, Jim Barrett of the MDBC, which supports the project, says that, before release, they need to refine the method in carp, assess the risks, seek regulatory approval, consult communities and obtain public and industry feedback.