MDBCMurray-Darling Basin Commission
MDBCMalaysian Dutch Business Council
MDBCMarbella Dutch Business Club (Netherlands)
MDBCMinimum Directly Bactericidal Concentration
MDBCMetrolina Duplicate Bridge Club (Charlotte, NC)
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This bottleneck system (MDBC 2006) is supposed to prevent that too much water is available in an upstream region and that consequential trade causes environmental problems in a downstream region.
MDBC (Murray-Darling Basin Commission) 2006 The Lower Lakes, Coorong and Murray Mouth Icon Site Environmental Management Plan 2006-2007, MDBC, Canberra.
The political dimensions of the Mekong exist far beyond the scope of technical expertise of the MDBC. The overall differences in the two basins are reasons for caution in applying the Australian system to the Mekong.
Most of the early buying and selling of water entitlements has occurred within states, but the MDBC is now piloting a program in the southern portion of the basin to allow permanent water trades across state boundaries.
Tenders are invited for " M/r to canals by clearing silt & thorny jungle from canal bed and slope from ch.0.00 to ch.83.00 of w/c of maldia canal of mdbc under branch canal section of md.bazar irrigation sub-division under i m .n c division" EMD value : INR 3589 Opening date : 03 Sep 2019
Private rights to water in Victoria: Farm Dams and the MDBC Cap.
The Murray--Darling Basin generates ~39% of the Australian national income derived from agriculture and grazing (MDBC 2011).
Multiple phases of hydraulic engineering since 1940 have substantially altered the natural water flow regimes, causing the naturally estuarine Lakes Alexandrina and Albert to become permanent freshwater bodies (Bourman and Barnett 1995:101; MDBC 2005).
The most recently produced soil class map for the catchment was developed by Bui and Moran (2003) as part of the Murray Darling Basin Information System (MDBC 1999), consisting of mapping units classified in accordance to Northcote (1979).
(1) This 'environmental communications' project is conducted by the Primary English Teaching Association in collaboration with the Murray-Darling Basin Commission (MDBC), and involves participation from around 400 primary schools across the Murray-Darling Basin each year.
The Murray Darling Basin Commission's (MDBC) Scientific Reference Panel has carried out an ecological assessment of environmental flow needs for the river, which has been leaked to the mainstream media.
"The Salinity Audit -- A 100 year perspective, 1999", MDBC. Source: OECD calculations based on Goss et al.