MDBMMount Diablo Base and Meridian (California)
MDBMMultiplexed Display Buffer Memory
MDBMMap Database Manager
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Log data requiring real-time data analysis and log data requiring an hourly analysis are sent to MSM and MdbM, respectively.
Log data collected by LCM are analyzed by MSM, MdbM, and HadoopAM.
In our MdbULPS, MdbM manages and stores log information in MongoDB, including the transaction number, waiting and processing time for banking, number of bank tellers, and the like, once the banking process is completed.
The main roles of HadoopAM are to perform quick and accurate parallel and distributed processing on the large-scale log data accumulated in MongoDB of MdbM, according to the user's analysis command, and then send the analyzed results to the graph generator module to create graphs.
The generated log data are stored in document form in MongoDB of MdbM without processing data formalization.