MDBPMicrobial and Disinfection Byproducts
MDBPMajor DNA Binding Protein (virology)
MDBPMean Diastolic Blood Pressure
MDBPMammalian DNA-Binding Protein (biochemistry)
MDBPMethylation-Dependent Binding Protein
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Through the MDBP, the basin is one of the world's largest water markets, working through the trade and use of water allocation entitlements between various rights holders.
Thus, an increase in both MSBP and MDBP was seen with the age, more in boys than in girls.
26] showed that there was no significant correlation of height with MSBP and MDBP
Collectively, the women who participated in this study found that they walked away from the WSBP and MDBP with four major assets: a solid business plan, financial training, some education in marketing education, and a higher confidence level.
Victoria secured agreement to withdraw the existing Goulburn River constraints project as a supply measure under the MDBP and will now develop a new Goulburn constraints project that must be accepted by the community, be feasible and based on improved data and on-the-ground knowledge.
The Victorian Labor Government also stressed the need for the comprehensive socio-economic review of water savings measures, to look at the real impacts of the MDBPs implementation so far, as well as any further measures to recover an additional 450 gigalitres with neutral or positive socio economic impact.
The NFF submission also highlights the significant social and economic impacts of the MDBP on farming communities.