MDBSISMurray-Darling Basin Soil Information Strategy (Australia)
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Various 1:250000 Australian Geological sheets from AGSO's NGIS Survey Organisation/ database Western Australian Department of Minerals and Energy Lithology code from WA system 1:250000 WA Agriculture level soil landscape mapping at 1:250000 Ord--Dixon and Lissadell 1:250000 WA Minerals and Energy 1:250000 geology sheets Northern Territory--various 1:250000 Australian Geological sheets from 1:250000 Survey Organisation, geology for NT in AGSO's Canberra NTData MDBSIS lithology 1:250000 1:250000 Bureau of Rural Sciences, (see Kingham 1998) Canberra Southern Regional Forests 1:100000- New South Wales Department Agreement--lithology code.
Bui EN (Ed.) (1998) A soil information strategy for the Murray-Darling Basin (MDBSIS).