MDCDMichigan Department of Career Development
MDCDMobile Data Collection Device
MDCDMaryland DC (District of Columbia) Delaware Broadcasters Association
MDCDMessage-Driven Confidence-Driven
MDCDMicrosoft Developer Community Day
MDCDMonocyte-Dependent Cell Death (lymphocytes)
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MDCD chose eight teachers to participate (four in mathematics, four in automotive CTE).
"Employers and educators were not speaking the same language," says MDCD spokeswoman Tiffany Dowling.
According to MDCD's Website, the end result of such job profiling is that it "allows students and workers to make appropriate decisions about jobs and identify their strengths and weaknesses as they pursue their education and career goals." Defining skills this way makes it easier for employers, as well -- they can identify employees' strengths and weaknesses, then either assign workers to the appropriate position or train them to take on a different job for which they show promise.
Contract awarded for Req.164 Drawer Step Exercise Mdcd 2015