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MDCRMichigan Department of Civil Rights
MDCRMinimum Desired Cell Rate
MDCRMiller-Dieker Syndrome Chromosome Region
MDCRMountain Dew: Code Red (soft drink)
MDCRMinimum Detectable Count Rate (health physics)
MDCRMissile Director Control Room
MDCRModular Data Collection & Recording (System)
MDCRMini Digital Cassette Recorder (Philips Electronics)
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Build and deepen partnerships between the City of Kalamazoo, MDCR and community-based organizations focused on advancing racial equity;
The UMDF is committed to the long-term financial sponsorship of the MDCR and will serve as guardian of the information and coordinator of the project.
According to Delphi, the MDCR system, which is designed to optimize fuel rate, spray shape and accuracy, is capable of up to 1,800 bar system pressure.