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MDCTMulti-detector Computed Tomography
MDCTModified Discrete Cosine Transform
MDCTMATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) Distributed Computing Toolbox
MDCTMotorsport Dual Clutch Transmission
MDCTMouse Distal Convoluted Tubule
MDCTMultiple Description Correlating Transform
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The Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) or MDCT for the purpose of lossless audio coding is ambivalent.
CT scan was performed using standard protocol,14,16 on a 16-slice MDCT scanner (Toshiba 16 slicer Alexion, Japan).
Three dimensional multi-detector computed tomography hysterosalpingography (3D-MDCT-HSG) is a new hybrid modality involving imaging of contrast filled uterine and tubal lumen and the peritoneal spill using a MDCT.
MDCT examination is a comprehensive study for mesenteric ischaemia with detailed evaluation of mesenteric vessels, status of bowel wall and surrounding mesentery and extent and possible cause of mesenteric ischaemia.
However, economical analyses reveal that MDCT are most cost-effective in patients with persistent hematuria and normal ultrasonographic findings (4).
All MDCT examinations were done using intravenous application of iodide contrast (Ultravist 300 mg/mL) 50 mL, with 40-s delay.
Although there have been few studies on congenital abnormalities of the ribs, we did not find any study that used MDCT in the evaluation of congenital rib abnormality.
MDCT acts as a road map for surgeons especially if done with proper angiography protocol.
In fact MDCT imaging enables the acquisition of high-spatial-resolution volumetric image data during a single breath hold with the possibility of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) image after processing, which allows the visualization of complex vascular malformations in an understandable way.
Caption: Figure 1: On abdominal contrast-enhanced MDCT image in axial plane was seen semiautomatically traced adrenal gland contour for each side.
9) The radiological features of this entity are best appreciated on MDCT, which clearly show the sudden interruption of the pulmonary artery and collaterals supplying the affected lung.