MDCTAMultidetector Computed Tomography Angiography
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MDCTA and Surgical Correlation in Patients with Acute Mesenteric Ischaemia CT Findings Acute mesenteric Ischaemia Surgical Finding on MDCT (15 patients) (15 patients) Bowel wall 12 11 thickening Bowel distention 8 7 Bowel wall non- 7 6 enhancement SMA dissection 5 4 Pneumatosis 5 5 Pneumoporta 5 5 SMA thrombosis 2 2 CT Findings Sensitivity Specificity (%) (%) Bowel wall 91.
Researchers evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of 16-row MDCTA in 238 patients from 11 centers in the United States and Europe.
A typical MDCTA done with a 16-detector scanner requires patients to hold their breath for 25 to 40 seconds.
Conventional digital subtraction peripheral angiography as a primary imaging modality has largely been superceded by Duplex Doppler arteriography and, to a lesser extent, MDCTA and MRA.
All stable patients presenting with suspected ruptured AAA should have a MDCTA to assess suitability for EVAR.
In our study of comparison of MDCT with colour doppler ultrasound 30 patients were evaluated for the extent of disease in the lower limb arterial system and the data was compared with the existing studies available and the following observations were made to find an agreement between colour doppler ultrasound with MDCTA.
Studies comparing the MDCTA, COLOUR DOPPLER ultrasound and other imaging modalities:
In their study forty-three patients with 774 segments in patients with intermittent claudication and leg pain, diagnosed as mild PAOD, had undergone DUS followed by MDCTA of lower limb.