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MDDMirrored Drive Door (Apple Power Mac)
MDDMovement for Democracy and Development (Central African Republic)
MDDMeteorological Data Distribution
MDDMarca del Distribuidor (Spanish: Brand Distributor)
MDDMovement for Direct Democracy (Prague, Czech Republic)
MDDModel Device Driver
MDDMulti-Dimensional Databases (computing)
MDDMultiple-valued Decision Diagram (generalized version of Binary Decision Diagram)
MDDMatson, Driscoll & Damico, LLP
MDDMelting Degree Days
MDDMission Description Document
MDDMechanical Dough Development
MDDMultiple Differential Detection
MDDMinimum Distance Decoding
MDDMulti Domain Diffusion
MDDMaine Driving Dynamics
MDDMaintenance Data Documentation
MDDMaterial Delivery Date
MDDMode Description Document
MDDMaterial Data Document
MDDModel-Driven Development (software engineering)
MDDMap and Driving Directions
MDDMaximum Daily Dose
MDDManic-Depressive Disorder (now called Bipolar Disorder)
MDDMaximum Dry Density (construction)
MDDMarque de Distributeur (French: private brand)
MDDMineral Deposits Division (Geological Association of Canada)
MDDMaintenance Due Date
MDDMajor Depressive Disorder
MDDMajor Design Decision
MDDMate Demate Device (places Space Shuttle on/off 747 carrier aircraft)
MDDMedical Device Directive
MDDMarketing and Distribution Devision (Premier Farnell; UK)
MDDMine Detection Dog
MDDMal de Debarquement Syndrome (French: Sore Disembarkation Syndrome; vertigo)
MDDManagement Division Director
MDDMateriel Development Decision
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ALKS 5461 demonstrated a consistent profile of antidepressant activity, safety and tolerability in the adjunctive treatment of MDD throughout the clinical development programme.
Since the cost of one emergency room visit and a few days of hospitalization for someone with MDD equals the cost of the VNS surgery, the procedure appears to pay for itself?
MDD I has been a key campaign for ADCB over the past year that provided individual customers with a range of benefits for opening a non-renewable, 1-year fixed deposit account.
MDD has high morbidity, high recurrence rate, high disability rate, high suicide rate and a heavy economic burden.
multicenter, Phase 2 adjunctive treatment study in MDD patients with an inadequate response to standard FDA-approved antidepressants.
The shifting is expected to be in three phases with the first one involving new entities opening their offices at MDD and at the second stage, all existing firms to move within three years.
Comparing three generations, the authors reported that grandchildren with both depressed parent and depressed grandparent had three times the risk of MDD.
The study found that serum levels of interleukin-5 were elevated in persons with MDD.
sup][1],[2] With this mental disorder, most of the MDD patients suffer more than one recurrence of depressive episodes with a greater chance of suicide, which results in a yearly increasing morbidity and a high risk of mortality of MDD.