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MDDBMultidimensional Database
MDDBMaster Drug Data Base (information resource; Wolters Kluwer Health)
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If MDDB is an adjective, the only way of making that clear to translators (including machine translation systems) would be to repeat the word registration:
15c The GETMMDBINFO function queries the metabase to retrieve information about the MDDB registration and the table registration.
15d The GETMMDBINFO function queries the metabase to retrieve information about the MDDB and <t-note> about the </t-note> table registration.
Benchmarking results for the new MDDB have been very favorable," explains John Wimmer, Centra Health's team leader of financial and decision support systems.
Affirming SAS Institute's customer/partner business model - and catapulting it to world leader in the online analytical processing (OLAP) market - 4,000 current customers will be the first to receive the MDDB and an accompanying series of enhanced data viewers when the product ships this fall.
We continue to lead the data warehousing market in integrated solutions, and adding an MDDB structure to our architecture offers companies increased speed and performance of their data warehouse exploitation and analysis.
The MDDB provides one more piece of a sophisticated data warehousing solution that will benefit not only business users, but also IT.
The MDDB is a way to quickly achieve multidimensional analysis because its structure is not bound to a relational database management system.
The MDDB extends the reach of the SAS System's award-winning data warehousing capabilities," said John McIntyre, SAS Institute's program manager for business solutions.
The SAS MDDB has both graphical and spreadsheet reporting tools as well, but what really makes this OLAP engine powerful is that it is fully integrated with the SAS System's application development capabilities, which are among the most powerful object-oriented development tools available today.