MDDIMobile Display Digital Interface
MDDIMedical Device & Diagnostic Industry
MDDIModel-Driven Development Integration (Eclipse Foundation; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
MDDIMedia Direct De-Interlacing (MediaTek)
MDDIMedical Devices, Diagnostics & Instrumentation (aka Gray Sheet)
MDDIMillion Dollar Database on the Internet (business research; Dun and Bradstreet)
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Because the data presented here were drawn from two separate but similar studies, approximately half of the sample (N = 82) also completed the RSES, but not the MDDI.
A series of t-tests were completed that compared men high and low in social physique anxiety on the subscales of the REI, as well as on scores from the MDDI and RSES.
Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about additional Proven System Block (PSB) solutions, including the first 60 Frames-Per-Second MDDI type 2 interface PSB, an RGB Split PSB for driving multiple displays, and more.
System-proven over MDDI Type 2 interface on Qualcomm's MSM7x30 and QSD8x50 chipsets running the Google Android operating system
Additionally, QuickLogic has verified the solution's operation as an MDDI Type 2 (dual lane) client running 60 frames/second (fps) at Full-Wide VGA (FWVGA) resolution.
QuickLogic's MDDI Type 2 solution is available as a Proven System Block (PSB) for Customer Specific Standard Products (CSSPs) developed from the ArcticLink II VX4C solution platform.
Developers using this technology now have a VEE and DPO-enabled solution that reaches the 60 fps threshold via the MDDI Type 2 interface.
Mixel is the only IP provider that offers the MDDI PHY, which was introduced in November 2006, and was the first IP provider to offer the MIPI D-PHY back in November 2007.
We see a definite increase in MIPI and MDDI market traction with our IP offering.
The module manufacturers using Mixel's customers' ICs integrating the Mixel IP only need to qualify one product that addresses both the MIPI and MDDI markets.
Multi-Interface Handling Capability - To comply with multiple camera interface such as MDDI, MIPI, and YUV, Fairchild has a number of solutions such as the FSA642.
Mixel's growing portfolio of mixed-signal mobile PHYs such as MIPI([R]) and MDDI, High-speed SerDes, and PLLs all deliver high performance, high yield, and low-power, in a small silicon footprint.