MDDIMobile Display Digital Interface
MDDIMedical Device & Diagnostic Industry
MDDIModel-Driven Development Integration (Eclipse Foundation; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
MDDIMedia Direct De-Interlacing (MediaTek)
MDDIMedical Devices, Diagnostics & Instrumentation (aka Gray Sheet)
MDDIMillion Dollar Database on the Internet (business research; Dun and Bradstreet)
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Features a high-speed serial interface (MDDI 1.2/MIPI) and a diverse range of other interfaces, including those for cameras, SD memory cards, and IrSimple(TM).
(1) As of July 2, 2010, for MDDI 1.2-compliant LCD controller ICs; based on Sharp research.
MDDI (Mobile Display Digital Interface) 1.2: Supports high-speed data communication of up to 800 Mbps.
Because the data presented here were drawn from two separate but similar studies, approximately half of the sample (N = 82) also completed the RSES, but not the MDDI. The remaining participants (N = 51) completed the MDDI, but not the RSES.
Total scores were calculated for the SPAS, MDDI, and RSES by summing the items.
A series of t-tests were completed that compared men high and low in social physique anxiety on the subscales of the REI, as well as on scores from the MDDI and RSES.
Samsung said its S6D0142 DDI chip includes Qualcomm's Mobile Display Digital Interface (MDDI) technology, which means that fewer wires are needed in the hinge of wireless 3G clamshell handsets to interconnect the LCD display with the Qualcomm Mobile Station Modem (MSM) chipsets.
Mddi, "M studio wdi golygu fy mod i'n sd mwy gwrthfwr i'r cwmni c m wdi golygu gwll posibilidu gyrfol boddhd yn fy swydd.
* High speed, low power, serial Mobile Display Digital Interface (MDDI) to optimize the communication and lower the interconnection cost between the MSM and the LCD panel
Mddi ann: "M fy ddysg wdi fy sbrduno i, wdi rhoi boddhd prsonol llwyddint rtistig i mi, yn ogystl rhoi'r gllu i mi hlpu rill gyflwni'r un mcnion, trwy fynd yn thrws.
Mddi: "Os n fuswn wdi gwithrdu chymryd cyfrifoldb dros fy ntblygid fy hun, yn, fyddwn i ddimwdi mdrumynd 'mgyrf ymhllch.