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MDDLMarket Data Definition Language
MDDLMinimum Draw Down Level (hydroelectricity)
MDDLMorris Dancing Discussion List
MDDLMedical Device Data Language
MDDLMinimum-Diameter Degree-Limited
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However, in 1996, when the then Chandrababu Naidu government proposed to construct the Srisailam left bank power project, the World Bank which was to fund the project suggested that the MDDL of Srisailam reservoir should be fixed at 834 ft and that release of water to Rayalaseema projects should be the last priority.
When YSR came to power in 2004, he not only restored the MDDL at Srisailam to 854 ft, but also proposed to expand the scope of Pothireddypadu regulator to releasing 44,000 cusecs so as to provide irrigation to Kadapa, particularly his Pulivendula constituency.