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MDDLMarket Data Definition Language
MDDLMinimum Draw Down Level (hydroelectricity)
MDDLMorris Dancing Discussion List
MDDLMedical Device Data Language
MDDLMinimum-Diameter Degree-Limited
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When YSR came to power in 2004, he not only restored the MDDL at Srisailam to 854 ft, but also proposed to expand the scope of Pothireddypadu regulator to releasing 44,000 cusecs so as to provide irrigation to Kadapa, particularly his Pulivendula constituency.
He is arguing that had the YSR government not raised the MDDL of Srisailam, the irrigation engineers would not have impounded more water in the Srisailam reservoir, but emptied it much earlier, preventing floods in Kurnool.
Una vez que los alumnos han mecanizados las secuencias formulaicas y las han contextualizado gracias al enfoque de MDDL, deben practicar lo que han aprendido con el objetivo de aumentar su fluidez en su discurso oral en LE.
This collaboration, along with The Financial Information Services Division (FISD), facilitators of MDDL, brings data standards to financial services firms, promoting data interoperability and the integration of data from multiple sources.
GoldenSource and FT Interactive Data worked together to produce an integrated global reference data solution - the GoldenSource MDDL Connector for FT Interactive Data, based on MDDL that delivers client and security master repository data.
The GoldenSource MDDL Connector for FT Interactive Data is the only combined solution based on MDDL," says Bob O'Brien, vice president product management, GoldenSource.
MDDL defines a publicly available standard that provides a generic XML-based interchange format on the fields needed to describe: financial instruments (including identifiers and current\historical values); corporate events (including specific corporate and instrument information affecting the value and tradability) and market related information (including economic and industrial indicators).
However, for XML standards such as MDDL, XBRL, RIXML to achieve widespread adoption, robust security for privacy, non-repudiation, trust and message integrity will be critical," said Mary Knox, principle analyst, Financial Services at Gartner.
Pre-built policies for "drop in" security for XBRL or MDDL
DataPower will be demonstrating the DataPower XS40 for MDDL and Unicenter WSDM, a drop-in security solution for financial market web services, at the Computer Associates pavilion at "Web Services On Wall Street", Feb.
It will accelerate the acceptance of MDDL and help financial firms increase their operational efficiency in working with market data," says Eric Livingston, Engineering Director at Foliage Software Systems.
MDDL is an XML specification designed specifically for financial services companies.