MDDPMunicipal Development and Decentralization Project (World Bank; Georgia)
MDDPManuscript Digitization Demonstration Project (Library of Congress)
MDDPMonotonically Decreasing Degradation Path
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Drivers who aren't "first offenders" --those with prior DUI arrests or convictions that weren't overturned--get longer statutory summary suspensions and aren't eligible for MDDPs.
Unless they're first offenders with MDDPs, drivers on statutory summary suspension may not drive anywhere for any reason.
The MDDP Consortium's founding members include Arisawa Mfg.
MDDP are significantly lighter than CRT projection televisions and offer superior design.
The site will also contain information on MDDP products and key devices from consortium member firms, as well as relevant news and other product information.
As a TV application, MDDP TV sets first began to appear in the market around 2004.
The MDDP is a projection display that expands an image from this device to the screen.
Details of MDDP Consortium) (as of September 20th, 2006)
MDDP enables medications to serve the varied needs of physicians, parents and pediatric patients, so that a prescription for a specific medication can be made available through different administration routes - depending on the medical or emotional needs of the child.
We are committed to becoming the best pediatrics company in the world, and MDDP technology helps us move closer toward this goal," said Cameron Durrant, MD, President, PediaMed Pharmaceuticals.
When children cannot take their medication, therapy fails - the MDDP ensures that needed medications are delivered.