MDDPMunicipal Development and Decentralization Project (World Bank; Georgia)
MDDPManuscript Digitization Demonstration Project (Library of Congress)
MDDPMonotonically Decreasing Degradation Path
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A revocation will terminate an MDDP, except those for first offenders who receive supervision, who can continue to drive with the MDDP.
Drivers who aren't "first offenders" --those with prior DUI arrests or convictions that weren't overturned--get longer statutory summary suspensions and aren't eligible for MDDPs. Those with one prior DUI arrest within five years get a one-year suspension if they fail the test and three years if they refuse.
The court found that, when this right was exercised, the dealership went to a Black person, usually a graduate of the MDDP. The court found that the right of first refusal operated to discriminate against all non-Blacks, and that Chrysler had engaged in unlawful discrimination.
It (1) requires all first-time offenders, after a 30-day license suspension, to get an interlock-restricted license called a MDDP (monitored-device driver's permit); (2) replaces JDPs with the MDDPs; and (3) doubles summary suspensions from six to 12 months for refusals and three to six months for per-se violation.