MDDQMaximum Daily Delivery Quantity
MDDQModified Direct Dialysis Quantification (hemodialysis assessment method)
MDDQMethod of Direct Dialysate Quantification
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4), calculated as 0.58, V was by the Watson formula 74.84 [+ or -] 16.33 ( 30), N = by mDDQ 58.04 [+ or -] 14.31 ( 29), N = and by VVSP UKM 67.58 [+ or -] 13.31 ( 30).
Figure 5 depicts the nPNA values (mean [+ or -] SD) for the total material from the UV-absorbance, measured by the DIAMON prototype, from mDDQ, and from VVSP UKM calculations, normalized by 0.58 V and by the dry body weight, efBW.
The mean values from DIAMON and mDDQ were slightly lower compared to VVSP UKM being still not statistically different.
The BW from mDDQ was lower than BW from the anthropometric and VVSP UKM methods, or measured as efBW.