MDEMMinnesota Division of Emergency Management
MDEMMasters of Disaster and Emergency Management (York University; Canada)
MDEMModel Driven Enterprise Management (One World Information System)
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mdem has a series of goals and smarts to meet in a funding agreement with ace which will be signed off in march 2018.
Abbreviations MS: Multiple sclerosis MHC: Major histocompatibility complex HLA: Human leukocyte antigens MOG: Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein AQP4: Aquaporin-4 Abs: Antibodies CSF: Cerebrospinal fluid OCBs: Oligoclonal bands ADS: Acquired demyelinating syndromes ADEM: Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis MDEM: Multiphasic disseminated encephalomyelitis ADEM-ON: ADEM followed by optic neuritis ON: Optic neuritis TM: Transverse myelitis NMO: Neuromyelitis optica NMOSD: NMO spectrum diseases GWAS: Genome-wide association studies SNPs: Single-nucleotide polymorphisms CBAs: Cell-based assays IFN-[beta]: Interferon beta CNS: Central nervous system.
Like the BDEM program, some of the MDEM courses are also taken by students from other master programs.
In a recent survey of MDEM past and current students also conducted as part of cyclical program review in 2015, it was found that majority of students (53%) enter the MADEM program based on personal interest and 32.4 % choose MDEM for career opportunities.
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is highly suspicious in patients with MDEM. (1,3) Other similar entities include neurosarcoidosis, vasculitis, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, gliomatosis cerebri, CNS lymphoma and posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome.
For the different measures of parental behavioral control, factor analyses (principal component analysis followed by varimax rotation) showed that two factors could be extracted and labeled as Paternal Behavioral Control (PBC: with PKNO, PEXP, PMON, PDIS, and PDEM loaded on this factor with loadings higher than .5) and Maternal Behavioral Control (MBC: with MKNO, MEXP, MMON, MDIS and MDEM loaded on this factor with loadings higher than .5), respectively.
E-mail: DANIELSHEK@CUHK.EDU.HK Table 1 Inter-relationships among different measures of parental behavioral control and the linkages between parental behavioral control and psychological control measures PKNO/ PEXP/ PMON/ PDIS/ PDEM/ Variables MKNO MEXP MMON MDIS MDEM PKNO/MKNO -- .40 * .65 * .34 * .45 * PEXP/MEXP .47 * -- .51 * .50 * .36 * PMON/MMON .70 * .52 * -- .43 * .41 * PDIS/MDIS .42 * .56 * .46 * -- .28 * PDEM/MDEM .54 * .48 * .51 * .41 * -- * pFW <.001; pT <.00005 Variables PPSY Variables MPSY PKNO -.19 * MKNO -.19 * PEXP .16 * MEXP .21 * PMON -.07 * MMON -.03 ns PDIS .16 * MDIS .14 * PDEM -.05 ns MDEM -.02 ns PBC -.05 ns MBC .07 * * pFW<.01; pT<.0025 ns non-significant Note.
The Mississippi Digital Earth Model (MDEM) will consist of the seven framework layers (geodetic control, elevation, orthoimagery, hydrography, transportation, political boundaries, an d cadastral).
In this study, the Responsiveness Scale (13 items) and Demandingness Scale (7 items) were reliable with reference to the fathers (PRES = .85 and PDEM = .76, respectively, and mothers (MRES = .84 and MDEM = .72, respectively).
The second factor included MKNO, MEXP, MMON, MDIS, and MDEM that could be labeled Maternal Behavioral Control (MBC).
Se incluye, en esta primera fase, la implantacin de la red fija que permita la lectura de todos estos nuevos contadores a travs de los correspondientes mdulos radio para cada contador, los concentradores y repetidores necesarios y los mdems de comunicaciones 3G que enven las tramas de informacin a los servidores tambin a instalar dentro del proyecto.