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MDFMedium Density Fiberboard
MDFMain Distribution Frame
MDFmyocardial depressant factor
MDFMedium Density Fiber
MDFMain Distribution(al) Facility
MDFMagyar Demokrata Fórum (Hungarian Democratic Forum)
MDFMule Deer Foundation
MDFManic Depression Fellowship (UK)
MDFMarketing Development Funds
MDFMaster Data File
MDFMy Dear Friend
MDFMacular Degeneration Foundation
MDFMulti-Density Fiberboard (construction)
MDFMagic Defense (video gaming)
MDFMission Data File
MDFMade the Cut, Did Not Finish (PGA golf tournament)
MDFMild Detonating Fuse
MDFMicro Data Format
MDFMineral Development Fund (Namibia)
MDFManipulator Development Facility
MDFMonitor Definition File
MDFMultimedia Description Framework
MDFMeta Data Framework
MDFMicrophone Data File
MDFMeta Data Processing Framework
MDFMultiplicative Decrease Factor
MDFMain Defense Forces (NATO)
MDFMux Data Frame
MDFMultisensor Data Fusion
MDFMercados de Futuros (Guatemala)
MDFMinimum Detectable Flux
MDFMirror Description Format
MDFMethanol Dehydrogenase
MDFMain Data Feed
MDFMonopulse Direction Finding
MDFMammalian Development Facility
MDFMain Distribution Frequency
MDFMorte Di Fame (Italian: Dying of Hunger)
MDFMaritime Defense Force
MDFMason Dixon Farms, Inc. (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
MDFManual Dial Facility
MDFMaterial Discrepancy Form
MDFMateriel Distribution Forecasting
MDFMission Data Folders
MDFMultiband Direction Finder
MDFMendelsohn Difference Family
MDFMain Debris Field
MDFMaryland Deathfest (music festival)
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He said that the cartel, which only includes an association of companies in Pakistan, had been importing MDF from M/s Merbok of Sri Lanka with a complete importing monopoly on the only factory producing MDF in Sri Lanka.
The resinated fibers were passed through a mat former (Siempelkamp-CMC mechanical mat former) and then prepressed into regular mats before being pressed into a final MDF panel (under a pressure of 30 bar and a temperature between 438 and 443 K for 325 s).
Formulated to ensure a seamless coated surface, Era-Coat MDF products can coat both the front and back of the MDF board at once, and leaves it reclaimable, safe, resistant to scratches, water, stains and impact.
He added that MDF was also an ideal material for providing the thermal insulation required for modern doors.
There's a trick to making MDF look natural," says French Ranch developer and builder Bruce Burman, Feldman's business partner.
Considering the maximum annual aerial effluents arising from B33's past operation, MDF would contribute less than 0.
Tardif said Bestar's heaviest board is MDF from Tafisa, rated E2 for restrictive formaldehyde emissions, tightly regulated in Canada, where Bestar's manufacturing is done.
The glass table top is safely sandwiched between two pieces of MDF, with the bottom piece - the supporting shelf for the glass - made from the thicker 17mm MDF and the top piece cut from 6mm MDF.
The spread of the MDF marked an important development in American business history.
MDF cements have high compressive strengths, and their flexural properties are remarkable.
If you own shares of MDF stock and wish to discuss the legal ramifications of the proposed transaction, or have any questions, you may e-mail or call the law office of Brodsky & Smith, LLC who will, without obligation or cost to you, attempt to answer your questions.