MDF1Midgut Differentiation Factor 1
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Symbol Name MDF Machine Duplication MDF = (1/M [NOC.summation over Fraction (i=1)] [M.sub.i]) - 1 ADC Average Density per ADC = [[NOC.summation over (i=1)] Cell [N.sub.i]]/[[NOC.summation over (i=1)][A.sub.i]] SCL Fraction of Single SCL [member of] <0, 1> part cells SCP Single Cell Parts SCP [member of] <0, 1> PRC Fraction of parts in PRC [member of] <0, 1> the largest cell MDF1 Adjusted MDF MDF1 [member of] <0, NOC (1-SCL) - 1> ADC1 Adjusted ADC ADC1 [member of] <0, 1> M machine amount, [Mi.sub.i] machine types in ith cell, [N.sub.i] operations in ith cell, [A.sub.i] = [P.sub.i][M.sub.i], where [P.sub.i] is the number of elements produced in ith cell NOC is the number of cells
MDF1 is total labour required for the production of kharif foodgrains and jute, taken together.
Panel materials were 18-mm-thick particleboard (PB) and 16- and 18-mm-thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF1, MDF2).