MDFAMassachusetts Development Finance Agency
MDFAMidwest Dairy Foods Association
MDFAModified Decision-Feedback Algorithm
MDFAMargaret Dent Fine Art
MDFAMitochondrial Disorders Foundation of America
MDFAMen's Dress Furnishings Association, Inc (New York, NY)
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--$63 million tax-exempt fixed rate MDFA revenue bonds, series 2010;
In MDFA method q depended fluctuation functions are analyzed.
MDFA has been shown to reliably determine the multifractal scaling behavior of time series [17].
PIFA Colaba youth teams have also performed well the U19 team played the 1st division MDFA and reached the quarterfinal round, they also won the BFRA Fair Play runners up trophy.
The bonds are secured by a contract between the commonwealth of Massachusetts and the MDFA that requires the commonwealth to make payments in amounts equal to 100% of debt service.
The team in its 5th year of formation has reached the I league 2nd division and finished 3rd in the Elite MDFA league.
New York: Fitch Ratings has assigned a 'AA+' rating to the following Massachusetts Development Finance Agency (MDFA) special obligation bonds:
PIFA Colaba also has a U-19 team playing in the 'MDFA' 1st Division.
They are in an odd position because they pay taxes to MDFA for police, fire, and public works services, but can vote in Harvard, where most of the housing lies.
The bonds are being issued to refinance the MDFA's series 2010 special obligation bonds (commonwealth contract assistance) and pay for the costs of issuance.
They have 3 men's & a women's team in the MDFA league.
New York: Fitch Ratings has assigned a 'BBB+' rating to approximately $110,050,000 series H (2016) revenue bonds to be issued by the Massachusetts Development Finance Agency (MDFA) on behalf of South Shore Hospital (SSH).