MDFAMassachusetts Development Finance Agency
MDFAMidwest Dairy Foods Association
MDFAModified Decision-Feedback Algorithm
MDFAMargaret Dent Fine Art
MDFAMitochondrial Disorders Foundation of America
MDFAMen's Dress Furnishings Association, Inc (New York, NY)
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MDFA pledges and grants to the trustee on behalf of bondholders a security interest in the contract, including all of the commonwealth's payments for debt service.
MDFA has pledged and granted to the trustee a security interest in the contract, including the commonwealth's payments under the contract.
MATLAB and Signal Processing and Statistical Analysis Toolboxes (R2008b, MathWorks; Natick, Massachusetts) were used to implement MDFA and statistical testing.
MDFA allows us to quantify the dynamics of a frequency component with respect to its complexity.
MDFA of skin BFO, the method proposed in this study, could be used to assess the effectiveness of exercise interventions on enhancing microvascular function in people with SCI.
Using MDFA, we were able to characterize the nonlinear complexity of sacral skin BFO and detect that people with SCI had a lower complexity than nondisabled controls.
An important challenge in applying the MDFA to detect the complexity of a frequency component (e.
We intended to test the feasibility of using MDFA to assess microvascular dysfunction in people with SCI.
PIFA Colaba youth teams have also performed well the U19 team played the 1st division MDFA and reached the quarterfinal round, they also won the BFRA Fair Play runners up trophy.
They have a men's & women's team in the MDFA league.
Gerald Andersen, MDFA Executive Director, says the purpose of the interactive feature is to build men's confidence in their ability to mix and match patterns.
PIFA Colaba FC are enjoying a rich vein of form at the moment, which has seen them leap into 3rd position in the Elite MDFA Division, and they will secure this historic place with a victory in ther last league fixture.