MDFCMovement of Democratic Forces of the Casamance (Senegal)
MDFCMulti-Dimensional Foster Care (California)
MDFCMinority Development Financing Commission (Ohio)
MDFCMinimum Domain Formation Concentration
MDFCMurine Dental Follicle Cells
MDFCMilk and Dairy Foods Control Branch (California Department of Food and Agriculture)
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In the laboratory, this yields a ceramic-like product whose elasticity is like that certain metal alloys--so elastic, in fact, that you can make cement springs from MDFC.
The Japanese are using MDFC to make decorative wall tiles.
The problem with MDFC, says Vernet, is its low durability.
Vernet is working on a hydrophobic treatment to be applied to the MDFC in the final stage of manufacture.
The primary considerations for the ratings of MDFC include:
the lack of geographic diversification and single-site nature of the stand-alone MDFC credit profile;
The discretionary FCF may be used for some absolute debt reduction and provides some cushion that underpins Fitch's Stable Outlook on MDFC.
due to an associated amendment to the JV operating agreement that resulted in an elimination of participation rights previously held by MGM, Boyd is now consolidating the financial results of Marina District Development Company, LLC (MDDC), the intermediate holding company of MDFC, and reflecting a non-controlling interest for the 50% stake it does not own.