MDG1Microvascular Endothelial Differentiation Gene 1
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Medigene AG (FSE: MDG1, ISIN DE000A1X3W00, Prime Standard) is a publicly listed biotechnology company headquartered in Martinsried near Munich, Germany.
Even so, the new figures show that over 12% of the global population are hungry, placing countries closer to achieving MDG1 of halving hunger by 2015.
The eight MDGs are: eradicate poverty and hunger (MDG1), achieve universal primary education (MDG2), promote gender equality and empower women (MDG3), reduce child mortality by two-thirds (MDG4), reduce maternal mortality by two-thirds (MDG5), combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases (MDG6), ensure environmental sustainability, including halving the proportion of those without access to clean water and sanitation (MDG7), and develop a global partnership for development (MDG8).
By the end of the conference, delegates, who include ministers from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, are expected to adopt the Abu Dhabi Declaration on MDG1, which will be submitted to the UN as the first proposal on Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development from a family perspective.
* The Food Security priority goal is: By 2011 up to five countries will demonstrate the necessary political commitment and implementation capacities to effectively launch implementation of comprehensive food security plans that will track progress towards the country's Millennium Development Goal (MDG1) to halve poverty and hunger by 2015.
A human or any living thing can live without any luxury of life but cannot survive without food; no wonder the issue of food is tagged MDG1 on the UN Millennium Development Goals list.
Microfinance is now perceived as a major tool for poverty reduction and a key contributor to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), especially MDG1 concerning poverty alleviation.
The problem of underweight children under five years of age comes as one of the targets in the MDG1 (Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger).
ActionAid's research also shows the real dates on which countries are likely meet MDG1 and scores nations on their efforts to fight hunger so far.
Release date- 30072019 - Munich - Medigene AG (FSE: MDG1, Prime Standard) today announced its participation at the following upcoming investor conferences.
Three countries in the region (including Algeria, Jordan and Kuwait,) have met the hunger component of the first Millennium Development Goal (MDG1) by halving the proportion of their population experiencing chronic hunger.