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MDGFModified Differential Ground Fault
MDGFMacrophage-Derived Growth Factor (rheumatology)
MDGFMollusk Derived Growth Factor
MDGFMonocyte-Derived Growth Factor (plasma)
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It aims to build on the experiences and gains achieved in the previous two Joint Programmes (JP) supported by the Spanish Government, MDGF 1919 on Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) and MDGF 1656 on Climate Change Adaptation implemented in the Philippines, MDG-F 1656 project entitled: Strengthening the Philippines Institutional Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change, as well as MDGF 1919 Enhancing Access to and Provision of Water Services with the Active Participation of the Poor, with the end goal of accelerating progress towards the MDG targets on water and sanitation by 2015.
The MDGF (nd) has designed a joint programme to address the issues of violence against women in comprehensive manner through a three-tier strategy such as, i) encouraging adoption of new policies against violence against women; ii) changing attitude of men, women, girls regarding VAW and discriminatory practices; and iii) protecting survivors through rehabilitative programmes.
The mitogenic impulses stimulates the release of macrophage derived growth factor (MDGF) which deposits fibroblasts and synthesizes the collagen fibres to bridge the gap in the wounds (McGrath et al., 2002) and wound angiogenesis factor (WAF) which helps in the formation of new capillaries to accelerate the healing process.