MDGLMono and Diacylglycerol Lipase
MDGLMoraine Dammed Glacial Lakes (India)
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RAPID 5: Total of 5 measures--adds a physician global estimate MDGL (0-10) to RAPID 4, for a total of 050, which can be adjusted to 0-10, using the scoring template at the bottom of Page 1.
Score questionnaire for FN, PN, PTGL for RAPID 3; add PTJT for RAPID 4; and MDGL for RAPID 5 described above, using scoring templates in the "For Office Use Only" boxes at the right side.
The reader is invited to assign an MDGL score from 0-10 with a "virtual" VAS scale, and then calculate RAPID 5 by adding MDGL to RAPID 4.