MDHEMock Board Dental Hygiene Examination
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The MDHE determined the preamble "does not appear as legally binding language in the body of HB 3 or elsewhere in statute.
Reversing the MDHE by Denying A+ Scholarships Through Legislation
HB 3 and SB 224 both block DACA students from receiving state scholarship funds otherwise available to them through the MDHE and public institutions.
The 1987 examination was administered as the MDHE to the classes of 1989, 1990, and 1991 by departmental faculty in two sessions: a morning session and an afternoon session.
The 1988 released NBDHE was administered to the classes of 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995 similarly as the 1987 MDHE.
Predictability of NBDHE score from MDHE score, ICA, and/or ECA were investigated using multiple linear regression techniques.
Statistic Variable N = 130 ECA MDHE ICA NBDHE Mean 84.
Determination of an equation for predicting NBDHE score on the basis of ECA, ICA, and/or MDHE by means of multiple regression was attempted unsuccessfully.
These difficulties prompted an attempt to use logistic regression for investigating the relations among ECA, MDHE, ICA, and the probability of passing the NBDHE.
54; the interval for the MDHE odds ratio ranged from 0.
54 times greater with each increase of one in ECA when MDHE and ICA remain constant; (b) the probability of passing the NBDHE becomes from 0.
For these 42 students, the MDHE proved to be a useful screening device: only four of the 18 students in the top three quarters for MDHE failed to pass the NBDHE, while 11 of the 24 students in the bottom quarter failed to pass.