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However, MDHL, which showed that patients with values equal to or below the mean of healthy subjects (for younger than 10 years: 1.71 in males and 1.98 in females; for older than 10 years: 1.80 in males and 1.76 in females) were most likely to have IDA and those whose MDHL value was greater than the mean were more likely to have [beta]-TT.
In comparison, our data showed Youden's indices in decreasing order in patients younger than 10 years to be as follows: S&L > RBC > SI > MI > E&F > MDHL > G&K > RDWI > RDW > MCHL, and in patients older than 10 years as: RDWI > RBC > MI > E&F > SI > MDHL > RDW > S&L > G&K > MCHL.
Our calculated normal values of MCHD and MDHL were very close to those published by Telmissani et al.