MDHPMillion Dollar Home Page
MDHPMillion Dollar Homepage
MDHPMilli Demokrat Halkin Partisi (Turkish: National Democratic People's Party; Turkey)
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Isocitrate Dehydrogenase (IDH, EC [two loci]), Malate Dehydrogenase-[NADP.sup.+] (MDHP, EC and three different Peptidases (PEP-B, EC; PEP-D, EC [two loci, one scorable]; a dipeptidase using L-leucyl-DL-alanine as substrate, EC (three loci, one identical to PEP-B, one not scorable) were resolved on a tris-citrate buffer pH 8.0., Malate Dehydrogenase [NADP+] (MDHP, E.C.
Fixed differences in ADH, FBA, IDDH, LDH-1, MDH-1, and MDHP (Table 3) completely differentiated the samples from western Oregon (Gold Lake, Paulina Lake, Crane Prairie, and Klamath Lake) and southwestern Washington State (Conboy Lake and Trout Lake) from all other samples.