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MDHSMississippi Department of Human Services
MDHSMinnesota Department of Human Services
MDHSMethods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances (United Kingdom)
MDHSMater Dei High School (Santa Ana, CA)
MDHSMcDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems
MDHSMarkham District High School (Canada)
MDHSMilton District High School (Canada)
MDHSMount Dora High School (Lake County, FL)
MDHSMonsignor Donovan High School (Ocean County, NJ)
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Wealth index: The 2003 MDHS also included a household wealth status index which was estimated from several household characteristics and asset variables, using principal component analysis.
MDHS' DPI is responsible for performing independent reviews of all federal grants received by MDHS that are administered by its divisions such as DCS.
The 2004 MDHS shows that 91% Of children aged 12 to 23 had been vaccinated against TB.
Pingree played a role in positively influencing the position of the MDHS, making known to the Maine Commission of Human Services that she wanted to see the legislation passed (Price & Greene, 1999, p.
Post-award audits by DCAA on the CBOMS of several delivery orders (DOs) awarded to MDHS gave rise to a government claim of defective pricing under the Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA), and the demand for recovery of the pricing differential occasioned thereby.
Before mobile computing, MDHS nurses drove to a branch office to collect forms for each day's work, completed all forms manually during the day's patient visits, and returned the forms to the branch office at completion, sometimes making more than one trip per day.
The 1994-1995 cost summary file was created by MDHS in early June 1995.
Beginning in 1993, MDHS sponsored a smoking cessation project for pregnant women.
This study was conducted in 3 districts in Malawi which, according to the 2004 MDHS (2), had very high HIV prevalence namely Lilongwe in the central region, Thyolo and Zomba in the southern region.
It is truly a testament to our people at MDHS that a state with limited resources can perform at such a high level.
Photographs were assessed by a doctor with an ophthalmic background at the MDHS who used criteria based on the UK system (11) to complete a report and recommend further management.
When we first examined virtual desktops for our organization, we measured the success or failure of the deployment against straightforward business metrics," according to Tim Ragland, CIO at MDHS.