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Mining waste from the New Lead Belt includes high levels of lead in dust, air, and soil that may contaminate places in which children frequent such as yards and play areas (MDHSS, 2011).
A little over 1% of Missouri children possess elevated BLLs (MDHSS, 2012).
In most national datasets, including MDHSs, cultural variables are not available since the focus is on structural variables.
The MDHSS report concluded there were higher rates of some cancers but that lifestyle factors such as smoking, obesity and unhealthy eating habits were likely responsible.
MDHSS found that leukemia rates were not significantly higher than expected in the region, and incidence of thyroid cancer was actually lower than expected.
Multiple factors account for this change, says MDHSS environmental specialist Jonathan Garoutte.
On September 18, an infectious disease specialist at hospital B notified MDHSS of the suspected human rabies case.
The WUSM article (2) and reports of two paragonimiasis cases in October 2009 prompted MDHSS, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and the Missouri Division of Tourism to distribute posters warning against eating raw or undercooked crayfish to campers and canoe outfitters in November 2009.
In December 2008, MDHSS notified the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) that the plasma was from a donor who subsequently tested positive for HIV, and CDPHE notified the recipient's transplant surgeon.
In Missouri, since 2000, clinicians and laboratories have been required to report to MDHSS cases of illness that are clinically compatible with tularemia and have presumptive or confirmed laboratory evidence of infection.
Other than the eight episodes reported by MDHSS, all cases have occurred among adults.
MDHSS provides frequent updates on human cases of WNV and activity by county for dead birds and infected horses on its website (