MDI-SMetered-Dose Inhaler with a Spacer
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Not surprisingly, those who answered incorrectly were less likely to choose MDI-S for young children with mild or moderate acute asthma, said Dr.
Those respondents were less likely to answer correctly about the minimal age of spacer use, or to choose MDI-S for children with mild or moderate acute asthma.
Pulmonary and emergency department specialists were more likely than generalists to know that MDI-S could be used in infants, and less likely to agree that nebulization is the delivery method of choice, he reported.
Another study of the same 110 physicians revealed some of the reasons why physicians may be reluctant to embrace MDI-S use in inner-city populations, Dr.
Although 74% of the respondents said they preferred MDI-S for children aged 5 years and older with mild acute asthma, only 28% preferred the devices for use in younger children with mild acute asthma.
Most (92%) physicians agreed with the statement "Parents expect nebulizer treatment in the office," 83% agreed that "spacers are misused," and 82% said that "parents prefer nebulizers at home." Nine percent agreed said "spacers require too much teaching." These doctors were unlikely to use MDI-S, the study found.