MDIBLMount Desert Island Biological Laboratory
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Ben King, a bioinformatician at MDIBL said, "We identified 77 new microRNA families, and four of these turned out to also be expressed in the painted turtle.
For the RNA-Seq experiment, ad libitum feeding (>20,000 cells [larva.sup.-1] [ml.sup.-1]) was carried out at CCAR, and diet-restricted feeding (200 cells [larva.sup.-1] [ml.sup.-1]) was carried out at MDIBL. For RNA-Seq, samples of larvae fed ad libitum were flash-frozen at 2 days post-fertilization (dpf) (gastrula), 6 dpf (pre-feeding pluteus), 13 dpf (6-arm pluteus), 22 dpf (8-armed pluteus with rudiment), and 27 dpf (8-arm pluteus competent for metamorphosis); samples of diet-restricted larvae were flash-frozen at 2 dpf (gastrula), 7 dpf (pre-feeding pluteus), and 38 dpf (6-armed pluteus).
Started more than a century ago as a summer research program for the Tufts University School of Biology, MDIBL now operates as an independent, year-round research laboratory.
As with Summers of Discovery, students at MDIBL attend seminars given by scientists who speak about their specific areas of research.
"For high school students, the greatest benefit is that it opens a window to biomedical research that they may not get in school," says Michael McKernan, director of education at MDIBL. Most high school science classes aren't equipped to do molecular biology or study gene expression, he explains.
MDIBL is committed to involving the scientific community in the development of CTD.
Wilson suggested this initiative could be expanded to include the type of genomic studies being carried out on marine animals at laboratories such as the MDIBL (Table 1).
The increasing volume of work being conducted on marine species and the increasing importance of comparative genomics have prompted the MDIBL and its NIEHS-supported Marine and Freshwater Biomedical Science Centers to begin development of the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD).