MDIGMedical Diagnostic Imaging Group (Phoenix, AZ)
MDIGMine Drainage Interest Group
MDIGMelbourne Diagnostic Imaging Group (Australia)
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A private radiologist practice, MDIG provides radiology practice, offering diagnostic and interventional radiology expertise to both hospitals and imaging centres at different imaging facilities located in Phoenix, Yuma and Casa Grande.
The terms of the partnership agreement allows MDIG to utilise web-based technology for scheduling, reading, marketing, tele-radiology, customer service and tracking initiatives, AMICAS' Vision Series RIS, Vision Series PACS, Vision Reach and Vision Series Document solutions are also included.
Active membership in the MDIG is by subscription; 2) The division's subcommittees organize ad hoc activities and respond to missile defense issues of national interest; 3) The division's executive committee conducts quarterly meetings at which senior missile defense leaders offer presentations on current topics; 4) the MDA Small Business /Small Business Innovative Research Industry Day at which the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) provides briefings on their annual small business requirements prior to their Broad Area Announcement; and 5) the annual Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Symposium for which the division collaborates with NDIA's Strike, Land Attack, Air Defense (SLAAD) Division to present a forum for classified presentations and discussions.