MDIRMedical Device Incident Report
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We also computed mean WCO and MDIR within each minitransect.
In contrast, MDIR varied significantly both among sites and across stand types ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1C OMITTED], Table 2c).
MDIR (mean minutes of direct irradiance/day) showed little or no spatial dependence in the second-growth stands or in the Intervenido selectively logged stand; in these sites the model fits were poor at lag distances from 1 to 40 m (Table 3c).
In this case, both WCO and MDIR had negative regression coefficients (Table 8a).
MDIR also showed a negative regression coefficient, but was not a significant factor (P = 0.
Second-growth sites also had significantly greater MDIR, a measure of unweighted canopy openness along solar tracks.
CRG has sold approximately zero MDIR shares to date.