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MDLMoldovan Leu (ISO currency code)
MDLMethod Detection Limit (analytical laboratories)
MDLMulti-District Litigation (proceeding)
MDLMeteorological Development Lab (US NWS)
MDLMitglied des Landtages (German: Member of Federal State Parliament)
MDLMode Data Length
MDLMicrostation Development Language
MDLMissing Delimiter on List
MDLMaintenance Digital Link
MDLModel File
MDLModel Description Language
MDLMulticast Data Link
MDLMethod Detection Limit
MDLMinimum Description Length Principle (code length)
MDLMinimum Detection Limit
MDLMuendlich (German: Verbal)
MDLMilitary Demarcation Line
MDLMicroStation Development Language (C-like programming language for MicroStation)
MDLModel Description Language (programming)
MDLMinimal Description Length
MDLMemory Descriptor List
MDLMinimum Detectable Level
MDLMolecular Design LTD (corporate name)
MDLMeaning Definition Language
MDLMessenger Discovery Live
MDLMicroelectronics Development Laboratory
MDLMaster Deliverables List
MDLMission Data Loader
MDLMaster Document List
MDLMaintenance Data Link
MDLMaster Drawing List
MDLMicrowave Development Laboratories (Needham, MA)
MDLMessage Definition Language
MDLMethane Drainage Licence (UK)
MDLMarine Data Literacy (courses)
MDLManagement Data List
MDLMAGTF Data Library
MDLMain Drive Line
MDLMultipurpose Data Link
MDLMember Digital Library (IEEE)
MDLMaximum Data Length
MDLMaster Data List
MDLMoray Model
MDLMaintenance Drug List
MDLMap Definition Language
MDLMeta Data Layer
MDLMultiuse Data Link
MDLMerged DRAM with Logic
MDLMaximum Detectable Limit
MDLMachinery Data Logger
MDLMicro-Disk Laser
MDLMaterial Deviation List
MDLMinimum Decode Level
MDLMatrix Definition Language
MDLManufacturing Delivery Leader
MDLMarine Data Link (US Navy)
MDLMinimal Demand Load
MDLMaintenance Deficiency List
MDLMessage Distribution Library
MDLMessage Dispatching Logic
MDLMission Data Language (NASA flight software development)
MDLMaximum Day Limit (medical benefit prescription plans)
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MDL registered 17 per cent year-on-year decline in the total domestic and London residential sales volume to 6.48 million square feet and 25 per cent decline in sales realisation to Rs 7,250 crore in FY19.
In the past three weeks, MDL has faced a rash of negative ratings from Moody's and Fitch as well.
It is likewise clearly similar to the types of jurisdictional issues that the MDL court has before it already or is likely to encounter.
"At the moment Kim crossed the MDL, Panmunjeom has become a symbol of peace, not a symbol of division anymore," Moon said.
potential prejudice, of other litigants with cases pending in the MDL or
there is no "fiduciary" responsibility to each MDL litigant in
Counsel's responsibility to communicate with MDL litigants.
in such a way that MDL plaintiffs are deprived of the most knowledgeable
the cases are either settled or resolved in the MDL proceeding, meaning
(12) While the cases are in the MDL court, the MDL judge has
resolved by a mass-settlement agreement reached within the MDL. (13)
Surprisingly, despite the fact that the MDL court does everything