MDLCMultidimesional Liquid Chromatography
MDLCMaryland Disability Law Center
MDLCMinnesota Disability Law Center
MDLCMinnesota Digital Library Coalition
MDLCMuseum Digital Licensing Collective
MDLCMobile Distributed Learning Classroom (US Army National Guard)
MDLCMotorola Data Link Communications
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O indice MDLC representa todas as empresas que, conjuntamente, totalizem 85% do valor de mercado na bolsa.
Os Graficos 1 e 2 ilustram o comportamento das series de preco e retornos das series MDLC e SMALL, respectivamente.
De acordo com os p-valores apresentados, o teste para efeitos ARCH de Engle (1982) fornece fortes evidencias contra a hipotese nula de nao haver heterocedasticidade condicional na volatilidade dos retornos para MDLC e SMALL.
Os modelos que se mostraram mais robustos aos dados da serie MDLC foram as estruturas GARCH aproximados para a distribuicao t de Student (GARCHt), GARCH ajustado para distribuicao t de Student com imposicao nos graus de liberdade (GARCH-t'), TARCH ajustado pela distribuicao t de Student (TARCH-t), TARCH ajustado pela distribuicao t de Student com imposicao nos graus de liberdade (TARCH-t'), EGARCH, EGARCH ajustado pela distribuicao t de Student (EGARCH-t), EGARCH ajustado para distribuicao t de Student com imposicao nos graus de liberdade (EGARCH-t') e EGARCH ajustado pela distribuicao de erros generalizados (EGARCH GED).
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Its native protocol, however is MDLC. MDLC, a seven-layer protocol designed to operate in a radio environment, can be run over many different mediums.
The RF infrastructure and MDLC protocol tied into the MOSCAD RTUs make maintenance and trouble shooting easier.
Similarly, the MDLC LTQ--a collaboration between Thermo Electron and GE Bio-Sciences--complements 2D electrophoresis (see IBO 6/15/04).
Thermo introduced the MDLC LTQ, a high-end LC/MS that combines GE Bio-Sciences' Ettan MDLC with Thermo's LTQ linear ion trap MS (see IBO 3/15/03).
ASMS 2004 New Products MALDI-TOF MS Waters MALDI Micro MX Quadupole-TOF MS Waters Q-TOF Premier Bruker Daltonics UltrOTOF-Q LC/MS Agilent HPLC Chip MS Agilent Protein Integration Solution Applied Biosystems Tissue Imaging System Bruker Daltonics Proteineer-LC Thermo Electron MDLC-LTQ Waters AQUITY or NanoACQUITY UPLC + Q-TOF Premier Waters Protein Expression System HPLC GE Bio-Sciences Ettan MDLC Software Applied Biosystems ProQUANT Bruker Daltonics ClinProTools 3D Bruker Daltonics PharmaTools Efeckta Technologies ProTS-Data GeneBio Phenyx Thermo Electron Pro Mass Deconvolution 2.0 Aftermarket Applied Biosystems iTRAQ Reagents Bruker Daltonics ClinProt Magnetic Bead Arrays