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MDLPMini Disc Long Play
MDLPMobile Data Link Protocol
MDLPMesa Distance Learning Program (Mesa, AZ)
MDLPMini Disc Long Play (Sony mini-disc mode/standard)
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MdlP: I'd say about 80 percent of them had read it.
MdlP: Sandra Cisneros was a huge influence, House on Mango Street.
MdlP: Well, there are two different kinds of writers.
MdlP: It's probably the most challenging of my books.
MdlP: To me, that's the most important thing in the books.
Milk was stored in 50 kg bulk tanks that were taken to the MDLP by either the farmers themselves (15%) or by hired people (85%).
Traits in the MDLP dataset were: i) monthly milk yield per farm (MYF; kg), which was the total amount of milk produced by an individual farm in a particular month, ii) monthly milk yield per cow (MYC; kg), which was calculated as MYF divided by the average number of milking cows per day at an individual farm in a particular month, iii) monthly milk revenue per farm (MRF; baht), which was the total revenue from milk sold by a farm to the MDLP in a particular month, and iv) monthly milk revenue per cow (MRC; baht), which was computed as MRF divided by the average number of milking cows per day at an individual farm in a particular month.
After changes were made to improve its clarity, questionnaires were randomly distributed to the 800 dairy farmers in the original dataset provided by MDLP. Three weeks later, filled questionnaires were collected (627 farms; 78% response rate) and sent back to Kasetsart University for data entry and analyses.
The MDLP monthly milk yield and revenue dataset was linked to the questionnaire dataset through farm identification number and combined into a single dataset.
MDLP (Multi-Dimensional Dynamic Logic Programming) is the basic knowledge representation mechanism of an agent in MINERVA.
The epistemic effects of actions can be either an update to the knowledge base of the agent, represented by an MDLP program, or a self update to the KABUL program, thus changing the behaviour of the agent over time.
Tambien y para aquellas personas que deben realizar viajes largos en auto o tractomula, dejaran de sufrir el tener que cambiar los discos de musica a medio viaje, gracias MiniDisc Long Play (MDLP), que utiliza un sistema de compresion que permite grabar hasta 320 minutos de musica en un disco estandar de 80 minutos.