MDMBMichigan Department of Management and Budget
MDMBMann Deshi Mahila Bank (Maharashtra, India)
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Procurement Procedure Is the Acquisition of Works Contract Increasing the Deposit of Slag and Ash Stability Monastery Valley Autointaritor Fluid Technology Using Electrostatic Ash and Slag, Cant Compartimenmtului 1 of Slag and Ash Deposit Monastery Valley to Share Technology Mdmb 183.00 Slurry Dens- Se Craiova Ii, Subject to the Requirements the Specification - the Estimated Total Value of the Acquisition (Without Vat) Is 5,592,200.08 Lei, A.
Total quantity or scope: Increasing the deposit of slag and ash stability Monastery Valley autointaritor fluid technology using electrostatic ash and slag, cant compartimenmtului 1 of slag and ash deposit Monastery Valley to share technology mdMB 183.00 dens- SE Craiova II slurry according Diary Tasks
Procurement Procedure Is the Acquisition of Works Contract Cant Slag and Ash Deposit Right Bank Jiu Share Mdmb 122 - Compartment Ii Se Isalnita Accordance with the Requirements of the Specification - the Estimated Value of the Work Is 6,441,419.88 Lei Representing the Estimated Value of the Quantity of Papers Related Specifications Nr.12638 10.01.2014, These Works are Not Expected Amounts of Diverse and Unexpected.